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Arusha - Tanzania    Arusha - Tansania

Arusha - Ausgangspunkt für Massai Kulturen
Ng’iresi Cultural Tourism Progr.
Arusha (Tanzania)
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Arusha - Tanzania

Ng’iresi Cultural Tourism Programme

Welcome to Arusha, the city at the foot of Mount Meru. Welcome to the village Ng'resi at the slopes of Mount Meru.

What to do in Arusha (Tanzania)?

You want to get to know the real life of the Masai?
You want to meet people Masai people in the countryside?
You want to learn about the Masai Culture, about their way of life?
Well you are right here:

We villagers of Ng'iresi offer you:

  • a guided tour to some farms on the green and steep slopes of Mt. Meru

  • a visit to several development projects in our village (soil conservation, irrigation, cross breeding, bio gas, fish nursery)

  • a climb to Kivesi Hill, an old volcano with a natural forest on top

  • a view into the Wa-arusha culture (old stories, traditional houses)

  • delicious lunch and dinner prepared by the Juhudi women's group (for smaller groups, meals are provided by a local family)

The profit will be used to improve our primary school.

Thanks to your visit our children get better education.

A cultural tourism programme executed with advice from SNV B the Netherlands Development Organisation
and the Tanzanian Tourist Board.

We hope that the tourism programme may help us to give better education to our children, so that they can acquire the knowledge and experience needed to lead a good and happy life. When you are in the village feel free to visit our primary school. Our children will welcome you with nice Swahili songs.

Mount Meru - Tanzania

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