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Ng’iresi Cultural Tourism Progr.
Arusha (Tanzania)
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Ng’iresi Cultural Tourism Programme

You can choose different modules that vary from half a day to one and a half day. Visitors are also welcomed to stay overnight or make their own custom tours incorporating different options. You start the trip always in Arusha.

Half day village Tour

  • In the half day visit you will be welcomed with coffee and tea at Mzee Loti's farm and get an explanation about the biogas, crossbreeding and soil conservation projects on the farm.

  • Next, you make a walk to some nearby bomas, where you can see the various styles of traditional Maasai and Wa-arusha houses.

  • From there you start climbing Lekimana hill, from where you have a beautiful view over Arusha town and the surrounding Maasai plains. With clear weather Kilimanjaro is visi-ble. You descend Lekimana hill on the other side, so that you can visit Ng'iresi primary school.

  • Back at Mzee Loti's farm, you get a traditional meal cooked by the Juhudi women's group.

Half day Tour: Songota Waterfall

  • The tours starts at Kwangulelo bus stop, on the Nairobi - Moshi main road (15 minutes drive from Arusha town in the direction of Moshi.

  • From here it is a 45 minutes walk to reach the Songota waterfall in Oldadai village.

  • To Mzee Loti's farm it is a 30 minutes walk where you visit the biogas system, soil conservation activities, traditional houses and the school.