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Ng’iresi Cultural Tourism Progr.
Arusha (Tanzania)
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Ng’iresi Cultural Tourism Programme

Full day tour: Navuru Waterfall and Village Tour

  • From Mzee Loti's farm you do a Village Half Day Tour combined with a walk towards the Forest Reserve in Olgilai, the neighbouring village.

  • A small path is leading you into the stepp canyon of the Themi river. Hornbills and blue monkeys are playing around.

  • You cross the river several timesbefore reaching the beautiful Navuru waerfall, surrounded by walls covered with abundand vegetation


Full day tour: Village and Forest Day Long tour

  • The one day tour adds a visit to the catchment forest on the higher slopes of Meru.

  • Here you can see the spring that is the main water source for the village.

  • A few meteres downstream the farmers are building an intake for the irrigation system

    Groups with a special interest can plan a visit to the traditional healer at the edge of the forest.


Two days tour

  • After a full day tour and after dinner you spend the night camping at Mzee Loti's farm.
    All camping gears are available.

  • From here the next morning you start climbing Kivesi hil, an old vulvano with a natural forest on top. Baboons and gazelles can be seen in the forest.

  • You descend the hill on the other side and return to Loti's house for lunch.
    The late afternoon you will be back in Arusha